Round two of price rises versus imposter syndrome: making a decision about pricing | Michelle Dunbar
It has taken several days of research, namely checking what prices other editors charge, but I have finally decided on my new pricing structure. While it doesn't quite stretch to the recommended minimum rates suggested by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders or the Editorial Freelancers Association, it is a massive step forward for me. One of the trickiest aspects (I think anyway) about being a freelancer is deciding what to charge. It's about finding the balance between what a freelancer needs to earn to be sustainable while considering the restrictions posed by the market they have chosen to work in. My ideal market is independent, self-publishing authors, namely because I am one, or hope to be one day. Also because this is the market I know and understand, from scrawling that first idea down on a piece of paper through to formatting and publishing and beyond. I started out as an unpaid beta reader while completing my English Literature degree and progressed into developmental