Reedsy application | Michelle Dunbar
I followed the example of a couple of editor friends today and put in an application to join Reedsy (and now have a pretty little profile/online resume detailing my life - so far - as an editor). I neglected to list all the books I've edited, which number over one hundred and thirty-something now but I put enough on, I think, to show I'm active and hard-working. The criteria for a successful application (I tick all the boxes for this part): be a full-time professional in the field you are applying for (editing, design, publicity, translation, marketing, ghostwriting) demonstrate experience on at least 10 published books that are well-reviewed on Amazon & Goodreads have experience in every "genre" listed in the profile have 5+ years experience in your profession And this is where I slip up: significant experience working at a renowned traditional publishing company significant experience working as a freelance contractor for a renowned traditional publishing company history of