How it all began… | Michelle Dunbar
A long time ago, (2013/14 to be precise), I was contacted by Hawkins Publishing Group, an independent publisher in America and asked if I would be interested in an intern position. While there, I participated in acquisitions as part of a team, reading submissions and playing 'God' with authors' dreams, either approving their submission or rejecting it. During the last semester, though, I was given the opportunity to participate in editing. There were three in total and I was thrilled to learn that two of them have been published recently (with my name in the legal gumph as an associate editor). A bit of backstory (that thing I tell all you lovely authors to limit): years and years ago, I used to beta-read, offering what I felt was thoughtful insight, observations, and suggestions, minus the writing technique knowledge, as I wasn't much of a writer back then. Anyway, I had the misfortune to come across an author who quite simply wanted a pat on the back, and for me to tell them how