A-Z Blogging Challenge: G is for GDPR | Michelle Dunbar
G is for GDPR While this is a break from the subject of creative writing, the General Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect next month and will affect how I conduct my business. It's been spoken about for the last couple of years - I found out about it last week (so cue a bit of panicking from me). It does affect anyone within the EU who holds another person's personal data - editors and authors included - so I see no harm in including this as part of the A to Z challenge. I spent most of yesterday reading up on the GDPR, learning about cookies and privacy policies, getting confused one minute and understanding what I needed to do the next, (then back to confused again). Through all this, I think I'm finally getting to grips with it. I found a plugin that installs a cookie warning notice that gives a visitor the option to accept or decline cookies. Having monitored which cookies load before and after I accept them, the penny dropped. Now, when a visitor arrives on this