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I had a friend named Jimmy who spent 18 years of his adult life in prison. He did a 13 year stint, got out and was arrested 11 months later. He did another 5 years and was released. The church I pastored at the time had a prison ministry that Jimmy was a part of during his incarceration so when he got out he came to us for help in getting resestablshed into society. Jimmy and I became good friends. He taught me a lot about prison life. What was most interesting was watching Jimmy handle his new found freedom. Or more correctly, how he couldn't handle his new found freedom. Jimmy told me on several occasions that while he was in prison all he had to do was choose whether or not he was going to eat that day. All other choices were made for him. Jimmy and I worked together for a while so I was able to see him on a daily basis and watch him progress from a prisoner with no freedom into a man with freedom to make decisions. Jimmy didn't do well making decisions for himself. He did