Life's A Grind Baby!
Illustration by John Webstersissydude.com It is no secret that Facebook and Twitter have – in only three short years – transformed the way our society communicates and shares information. Social media and information networks provide so many opportunities for people, businesses and industries to communicate in a cross-platform way. But there are so many other applications and tools at one's disposal to interact with the rest of the world. If you have an iPhone (and now a Blackberry!), and you are LGBTQ, chances are good that you have heard about or have Grindr downloaded onto your phone. A geo-social networking application for the gay and bisexual demographic, it essentially uses a smart phone's GPS to provide the user with the proximity of the closest fellow application users within that phone's vicinity. Big brother technology at its creepiest, or a stroke of genius by the developers? In Toronto Magazine, September 2010, Page 8 The Grindr forum is essentially a societal grand