PRIMING | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
THE NEXT 100 YEARS…? Some may ask what does "PRIMING" mean, and why do I need to know? Well, try to imagine for a few seconds here that I'm your tour guide and in assuming this relationship, I'm offering to take you upon a Magical Mystery Tour. This "tour" so to speak shall venture along a path of travel where your mind becomes saturated with many seemingly unintelligible influences of the 20th century's span of life, and then it shall catapult you into what lays in wait for you and your offspring in the 21st century and beyond! We're not going to stop (hypothetically speaking) at each intersection along this tour, quite simply because that journey would take way too long! That would require us to wait at each red light where your values, morals, ethics and that substantive character (that you believe is your individuality) had its soulful waypoint heading curbed. What I'm going to attempt to do is to keep you on track by facing you forward toward the windshield. While setting in