OWN THY WORDS | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
In my poem "Own Thy Words", what I attempt to rationalize is the need for "pause" in that of assembling the words in my own "cause"... For in the act of truly taking OWNERSHIP of one's words, we should allow this to take place before one ever utters a single word! What I'm reminding myself of is that before we choose to offer any words of encouragement or discouragement to another, we should engage a reflective internal dialog and challenge the synopsis of conviction in the composition of our thoughts? We should let the decision to speak or remain silent pass the litmus test of the three gates, before uttering a single word. In failing to swing any one of these gates open, the choice should become most clear to those seeking that most illusive culprit, THYSELF... We most certainly own our words! And in such contemplations, I believe that we should become fully cognizant of how they echo off the walls in the mind of another? Our words may add to their infirmities or allow God's