Inked | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
In today's popular trend of getting tattooed, It's perplexing as to the reason that's behind the motivation of becoming branded and identified as one of the herd? Although there really isn't a singular reason I suppose, as to why someone decides to get a Tat or Piercing but, there does seem to be a consistent behavior to the infectiousness that can begin with the first Tat, and then as an effect the continuance of the PAIN filled needling...hum? Thus in sharing our Americana one should ask the question; Why has this ritualistic tribal practice become so prolific? For after all, one almost can't go anywhere in today's America without seeing an example of a self identifying broadcasting of the inner workings of the mind? In sharing a planet, we should all be interested in the how's and why's an ancient practice of paganism has crept back into what some refer to as our modern day psyche? I know, paganism some may ask, really come on man? Well then, truthfully it's not Judo-Christian