BOYS OF WAR | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
BOYS OF WAR Of times at sea on ships of free what lurks in claims of liberty? From Army's one what deeds are done in namesake's truth to come? Do patriots gain pass as gift in severing wars disasters, and what's to come from kingdom come's inherit ever after? In pounding drums and sips of rum what sense refrains of kingdom come? In throwing flames from turret's aims who's rights and wrongs will sing the song that leads to alabaster? In duties done from clips in guns and wars and riffs and embalmed ranks within the tanks who scales thy task of crew's to do's? Do manufactured repeaters and carbine clips displayed just offer Boys conscription to the havoc that they create? Entitled claims of truth abstained give way to building nations, and nightly news of motley crews broadcast on every station. As wealth and greed eclipse thy creed give pass to rules to follow, exempt contempt in Boy's defense for ordered souls to wallow. Who covers rear and flank's advanced and weighs the tears