ABUSIVE POWER | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
Abusive Power Reflections beam on wide screen stream and cast long shadow upon one's dreams, this view called news exchanges clean for dirt on face they've called obscene... Attempts that scream of hints descent on issues of abuse, misuses ruse and hides the clues in contempt for red's ascent! They fail to see the you in me and know not of our land of free, as judging judge turns into grudge in flirted claims that seem insane of crimes against one skirted... Issues valid are turn to ballads that pull on strings of heart, as lyrics tune's just form cocoons and play to women's part... Such crimes of times are worth of fines and time in cell block prisons but, use of ruse which gets confused with who's abused...can't aid the cause of women. Yearbook fonts come back to haunt and whirls of wind make claims that flaunt, in bold berates that test thy faith and turn thy words to things absurd... Untruthful scathing tongues succumb to birthing claims of verdicts, and talking heads of