The Truth | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
Truth is an elusive culprit that lurks in the shadows of our own imaginations and sometimes just like a chameleon "truth", our imaginary truth can even take on the appearance of what surrounds it? Our gullibility for our created version of truth offers us the opportunity to deceive ourselves into believing that our transgressions appear as something else...hum? At times we can dress up "truth" in the colored disguise of a Clown's face makeup, which may afford some of us an unrecognizable reflection in the mirror of a soulful personal identity. For in the illusionary deceptions that one may create in the solace of their own mind, an escape routing is offered up! This action can provide a path of retreat from one's responsibility for creating such illusionary truth! Although to what degree we deceive ourselves will depend upon how immersed we become lost while pulling the cloaked deceptions over our own eyes. These episodes in life may allow such decisions to blend into the