Thyself | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
Thyself is one of the most aloof personalities that we will ever attempt to discover in the course of our lives! Steadfast Loyalty... We will make every excuse for him or her in tight situations and offer reprieve for almost any infraction. He or she can be like that select family member that is exempt of critique, denied cross examination, never insulted with being questioned about their motives and the ones we'd offered a hall pass during instruction when in fact they were tardy! In the solace of one's own mind some may choose to give a reprieve for running a red light to "self" merely because they were in a hurry without even a second thought as to the risk to others? In other situations one might find distaste in recognizing the accomplishments of others merely because the fruits of their own labor would appear less palatable in comparison. In failing to appreciate the accomplishments of others,...however these may pale to one's own imaginary sense of value, one only deprives