The Law | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
In the human quest to authenticate the validity of thy individual wisdom some will confuse intellectual pursuit and the capacity to absorb knowledge with that of being the same as having acquired a divinely anointed savant for being wise. Of course the compulsion or attraction to such illusions must first touch glass to lips and then slowly sip and savor the dry tannin of thy earthly bounty of scholarly notions in order to become inebriated with the intoxication of one's minuscule brilliance. From there a methodical sedation can more easily begin to relinquish one from their individual responsibility and allow one's individualism to become exchanged for that of a consensus in understanding. In such an exchange one's reasoning must first become swaddled in the assurances of comradely gestures and then rise to the BAR of indoctrination. The boundaries for like-mindedness are predicated upon rules for companionship and the trends of thinking that evolve must always stay within those