The Alpha | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
Our world is being socially shaped into a socially engineered version of humanity and for too many of us these influences remain utterly obscure! One reason for the obscurity in all of this is that these influences have been fractionally and methodically introduced over a breadth of time that has spanned generations. The decadal effects are slow and the societal change over generations is not a rapid change. Thus, because of the slow speed in change, change is not often met with great controversy. As cultural conflicts in America are unique to the evolving American cultural experiment and conflict has always been the precursor to change. This so called tweaking, pushing and prodding has taken place in many forms but, they are purposefully all in play in order to accomplish the task at hand, which is called in our modern era, PRIMING. Although intended to redirect society over generations, what we should be able to recognize during the previous two generations is how society is