The Wider Eyed View | Challenging the perceptions for our realities!
The Wider Eyed View... What lurks in the shadows among the halls and corridors of life's opportunity for truly learning how to advance our mind's designs? What remains obscure in the categorical proposition and delusional security that is created in our self predicated beliefs? Running on Empty... In such hurried pace, we force upon our moment by moment decisions a delusional unprepared halfheartedness for how our choices actually influence the results of our lives and the lives of others. Sure Footing... An appreciation for our uniqueness may become lost in the shadows of life's fog and it is in such obscurity that an imbalance may occur, which can cause one to have greater difficulty in placing one foot in front of the other. With one eye closed and while walking in the fog on hurried pace, we can mistake our holographic silhouette as proof of life! We can fail to be formally introduced to the substantive value in the uniqueness of our soul's character. What I mean by this is