Breaking Free From the Groove of Old Thought | Mel Schwartz
Those of us old enough to remember vinyl records-notwithstanding their recent comeback-might recall that when there was a scratch on the album, the needle sometimes got stuck in the groove. The same music or lyric would keep repeating as the tone arm couldn't navigate into the next groove. Our thoughts have a similar habit as they keep repeating the same stories ad nauseam. As they do so, they summon old memories and feelings and so we struggle to change. Thought is automatic in that it presents itself without our noticing it. We become trapped in a rut of old thoughts. The first step in freeing yourself from this mental groove is in learning to see your thoughts. If we don't notice our thoughts, we become indentured to them. We become the prisoner of what our thoughts tell us. Developing an awareness of your thoughts-what I call thinking-allows a deeper and more profound sense of wisdom to prevail. Seeing your thoughts is a matter of timing. With practice we can become more alert