List of Splatoon 2 OST -English name and Japanese name- |
Here is a list of Splatoon 2 soundtrack with English name and Japanese name.(From The Shoal) Note: Some songs have the same name as English and Japanese. 1. "Inkoming!" - Wet Floor 2. "Rip Entry" -Wet Floor 3. "Undertow" -Wet Floor 4. "Don't Slip" -Wet Floor 5. "Endolphin Surge" -Wet Floor 6. "Now or Never!" -Wet Floor 7. "Turf Master" -Wet Floor 8. "Ink Another Day" - Wet Floor 9. "Low Tide" スミソアエの朝 10. "Octo Canyon"-Turquoise October 11. "Octo Eight Step" -Turquoise October 12. " The Girl from Inkopolis" -Turquoise October 13. "Buoyant Boogie"-Turquoise October 14. "Shooting Starfish" -Turquoise October 15. "Octarmaments" -Turquoise October 16. "Bomb Rush blush" -DJ Octavio feat. Callie 17. "Tidal Rush" -DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs Marie 18. "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" -Squid Sisters 19. "Fresh Start" -Squid Sisters 20. "Color