Best things to do in Coney Island, NY |
Coney Island is at the south end of Brooklyn released from the urban noise. It takes approximately one hour to get there from the center of Manhattan. The subway of Manhattan goes along the basement, but the train runs over the ground when we enter Brooklyn at once. We can enjoy cityscape of Brooklyn from the window and get to Coney Island Stillwell Av Station shortly. We can see a roller coaster and the Ferris wheel of the amusement park called the Luna park when going down Coney Island Station. The history is old, and a luna park is an amusement park with a nostalgic atmosphere. There is the wooden roller coaster, too. ( in Coney Island Fun) Art wall designed Ferris Wheel in Luna Park Nathen's Famous Hot Dog Across the Coney Island Stillwell Av station, there is the main store of Nathan's Famous which it's famous as the place International Hot Dog Eating Contest is held On the electric