Minecraft Pocket Edition/Windows10 Edition released Update 1.1(6/1/2017) |
There is big great news for Minecraft PE/Window 10 Edition players. New update was released on June 1,2017! The main details are following. General Added a setting to toggle smooth lighting Gameplay Off-hand slot ※Off-hand slot only works with arrows and totems of undying. Gamemode Adventure mode Smelting Iron and gold tools can now be smelted into iron nuggets and gold nuggets Enchantment Frost Walker Mending World generation Woodland mansions Blocks Concrete Concrete powder Glazed terracotta Shulker box Frosted ice Beds can now be dyed in all 16 colors. Also gives a short bounce when jumped on) Items Explorer maps Totem of undying Iron nugget Spawn eggs Lead motion improved Maps are now numbered so you can tell which map is Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to Locator maps to distinguish between empty maps without compasses Mob Llama Vindicator Evoker Vex Cartographer villagers 参考:Minecraft Official Wiki