Best Place for Summer in NY to Visit
In NY, winter is so long and tough season since it snows so much and freezes outside. After winter is gone, we can finally wake from "hebernation" and it's good time to go out and enjoy the weather and get fresh air. On usual April it's still kind of chilly but on May it's getting warmer and events and activities increase everywhere. It's fun season! Today I would like to introduce best place in NY, Governors Island, to should visit in from early summer to fall. (In 2017, it'll be open from May 1 to October 1.) Contents What/Where is Governors Island? How to get to Governors Island Activities/events on Governors Island What/Where is Governors Island? Governors Island is a small island and located on south-east from Manhattan. The island used to be a United States Army post. After the era, the island was used as a major United States Coast Guard installation. in 2003, a part of the island was transferred to the State and City of New York for $1, and the