Best Place for Family in Brooklyn, NY
I have a son, who loves trains and is thinking about trains all the time. He is the person who is happy when he is just riding trains since he was even a baby so I often take him just to ride subway without any other purposes. There is the best spot which we can get satisfied with desire about trains for train-lovers in NY, New York Transit Museum. I'm going to introduce New York Transit Museum today. Contents NY Transit Museum Recommend Spots around NY Transit Museum NY Transit Museum The museum is in Brooklyn downtown area, at where after passing through Manhattan soon. We can access to the staition, Jay St Metro Tech station by either A, C, F or R lines or Borough Hall Station by either 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines. At the Jay St Metro Tech Station, there is elevator to reach the ground level so if you are taking your little ones with stroller, I would say you should access to Jay St Metro Tech Station. At Borough Hall Station, there is elevator in the Manhattan bound