Best ever macarons of La Maison du Chocolat in NY |
In New York City, there are a lot of various sophisticated stores and boutiques from all over the world and chocolate shops are no exception. I had a chance to visit a chocolate store, La Maison du Chocolat in NYC and got macarons. I hadn't got SUPER delicious macarons before I visited there so I didn't expect it much and I just liked these looks. However, when I bit one of macarons, I was surprised and and impressed and started to get crazy about it soon. First of all, the shells of the macarons were very delicate and refined and rich. The surface of shells was crisp but the inside gave a melting sensation in my mouth easily. Next, the chocolate inside was very rich taste and flavor. The chocolate would melt soon in my mouth and the shells and the chocolate joined perfectly and mixed smoothly together. They were perfect combination. It is the best macaron I have ever eaten It was SUPER delicious. Inside the store, it was very defined and fancy and clean. The