What's【Minecraft】Mini Figures?
When I went back to Japan on the April 2017 and strolled in a shopping mall, we found Minecraft Mini Figure series. However, they looked lonely because they were located at the place which no one can't find easily. They were behind a cashier. I thought "Aren't they sold?" and asked the cashier whether he sells them. The answer was yes. OK, good. I really got excited to find them because it was the first time to find them. Once, I decided to purchase 2 boxes at this day. Look at that! The baby zombie is very tiny and sweet. I love it. The baby zombie is smaller than witch as he is smaller than others in the game. I will put him on my desk to be able to see him easily all the time. The witch is on a tram in which has a small ball and we can push the cart. I wanted to get other character so got kind of disappointed. But it's ok. They are not required to assemble. We just took them out from the boxes. It's easy! I want to get new figures again and recommend the