【Minecraft】【LEGO】 Let's play with Lego No.21126!
My family is recently hooked on playing and collecting Minecraft series of LEGO and we ordered new LEGO, LEGO 21126 on Amazon. This LEGO expresses the Nether in Minecraft. It has a gimmick to be able to launch a TNT. It's really cool! The LEGO includes Wither which has the biggest head on the middle with 2 heads in each side as Minecraft has. Besides Wither, this LEGO has Steve, Wither Skeletons and TNT. Also, there was one thing I wanted to try to do. I put Wither Skeleton and normal Skeleton side by side to compare their heights. In Minecraft, their heights are different, Wither Skeleton is taller than normal Skeleton. This LEGO expressed the difference of their heights. (This Skeleton in this picture is not included in 21126)