Gift Basket for Gala |
I was struggling to organize making some class basket for Gala as a class mom of my son's pre-school's class this year. In our class, each family brought and donated snacks or drinks for kids and created a class basket for silent auction of Gala. There are many different countries in our class and we were able to collect a variety of eclectic international items such as from Australia, China, Guinea, Japan, Korea, India, Italia, Philippine, USA. I was not used to any silent/live auctions and parties at all and I learned the system and the purpose to have the Gala this time. What I knew and got impressed this time were that the Gala helped for fundraising to develop the school. The Gala is a good oppotunity to have a communication with other families and the teachers with drinking and having dinner though, we can fundraise to improve IT instruments or facility for our school which our son/daughter are going to. It's not just party. It's very meaningful and fun event. I really