【Minecraft】PE/Win10 updated!v1.0.4 |
When I play Minecraft PE/Win10 and get some trouble, I usually use Google to search about its tutorials. There are many different ways among other versions of Minecraft. I'd known Minecraft PC had trading feature. I had been frustrated about the feature. Because we were not able to play it in PE/Win10. This morning, when we opened the App of Minecraft PE as usual and saw a pop-up sign about new update, we got impressed after reading this update brings dealing feature! Image#1: This is the pop-up sign about new update v1.0.4. Image#2: I was not able to see any pop-up sign about the update in Win10. But I can see number of the new version number, 1.0.4. It'd been updated. Image#3: A villager. Image#4: After being closer to a villager and pressing right click, I can see a window for dealing. How amazing. PE/ Win10 are expanded on this update. Now we can get useful items through dealing.