Max Effort Fitness | Upcoming Events!
Just in case you guys have missed the announcements in class, there are some events/competitions coming up that you should know about! Here's the list: SMA Fundraiser Obstacle Course - this Sunday at CFME! Starts at 12pm - come in to do the o-course or just to donate! Or you can donate directly for Gonzalo, his baby girl, and his family at here! The USAW "Las Vegas Open" is scheduled for August 20th (that's next Saturday) at CFLV! I'd encourage anyone to sign-up for the "CrossFitter" division and lift some heavy weight! "Fight Gone Bad 6" is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th! Surrounding gyms are coming together again at Whole Foods at Town Square for an AWESOME event! Don't worry...we will have shade this time. Another topic: Because many of you are becoming more and more interested in CrossFit competition, I've been kicking around the idea of hosting a weekend seminar detailing the differences between training for competition and regular CrossFit training. I would touch on things like: weakness identification/training, nutrition, training volume and periodization, skill training, etc. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in me developing. Also, if you have anything SPECIFIC you want me to cover, please post it in comments or let me know in the gym. 8/10/11 CF WOD: 4 individually timed rounds: 6 push press* 12 kb swings* 4 push press 12 kb swings 2 push press *the weight on these exercises should be heavy enough to warrant 2-3 minutes of rest in between rounds. "Power Hour" Monday – M.E./D.E. Whole Body Tuesday – M.E. Upper Wednesday – M.E. Lower Thursday – D.E Upper Friday – D.E. Lower