Max Effort Fitness | Max Effort – June Update
The heat is here! Make sure you're coming to the gym with WATER and that you are REGULARLY exposing yourself to the dry air and sunlight -- in safe doses. Did you know?! The people at the highest risk of over-exertion during CrossFit workouts are the ones who don't spend time outside during NON-workout periods! This means that you are NOT saving yourself from staying inside -- you need to expose yourself to acclimate under normal conditions before you expect to acclimate under physiological stress (i.e. CrossFit workouts). Gym Owner & Head Coach With the 2017 Regional Competition smack dab in the middle of the month...I got a little bit of work production flow messed up ;-) I'm back on track working on a lot of things behind-the-scenes, specifically focusing on strengthening our coaching staff numbers and making a more robust schedule. The schedule is constantly being evaluated for efficiency -- class attendance is something that we closely monitor!* *Which is why CHECKING IN to your class in incredibly important! As of today, we've brought on two new staff members: Isaac Toomer - CrossFit Coach Isaac is coming back to coach evening classes at the Central location! Even though he's been helping prep the Avenger's Regional Team, he hasn't officially been on staff to coach classes. That changes this week - make sure you give him a big "Welcome Back" hug ;-) Daniel Krause - First Impression Daniel came to us from another local gym and has been a member for going on 4 months. He'll be at the Front Desk at the Central location, mostly in the mornings, making sure everyone is taken care of! He's super excited to be on the team and we are super excited to have him :-) Programming The month of June brings two focuses during the CrossFit classes: The Overhead Squat - I know, I know...a lot of you HATE this movement. Or, rather, you hate you're inability to perform it well ;-) I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to improve their squat mechanics by focusing on what is known as "The Ultimate Test of Core Control". Trust me when I say that developing your Overhead Squat technique will translate to SO many other aspects of good movement. We should notice some big carry-overs after this month. Basic "Push & Pull" Warm-ups - Greg Glassman stated that basic push and pull movements should be incorporated daily into the warm-up. We had gotten away from that principle and I'm aiming to work it back in. Some of these warm-ups will feel like "mini workouts" and that's OK...they'll get easier as you get more fit! In order to get the most out of these aspects during the month of June, you'll need to "move with intent, not intensity" (thanks Dr. Ray!). That means you will see MORE RESULTS, QUICKER if you focus on slowing down and moving extremely deliberate throughout the entire range of motion. Look for a video on the Facebook group explaining that concept more in-depth in the next few days ;-) Upcoming Events to Know About June 10th - Vegas "Barbell Bro-down" At "This Is CrossFit Unorthodox" - we have multiple teams competing from 9a-3p, with Marcos, Nik, and Travis defending their title from last year's win! June 18th - Father's Day