Max Effort Fitness | Max Effort – April Update!
I blinked and March was done! The past few weeks seemed to have flown by with everything that was going on and all the commotion within our community. The coaching staff's schedule had some pretty significant changes made because we lost Landon as a trainer for the WORK classes :-( We ARE looking to hire more trainers, but I'm extremely picky and I want to make sure you guys get the "cream of the crop"! What Does a Gym Owner & Head Coach Do?! This will be a new section on my monthly update to give insight as to the projects and goals I'm currently working on (in addition to day-to-day stuff, programming, and class coaching). My plan is that this will help with some accountability and transparency ;-) Growing our "WORK" program - This class has shown a TON of potential as a gap in what a lot of new customers are looking for: a quick and simple way to get started with functional fitness and high-intensity training. I'm working to round out the program with more equipment and trainers to grow the schedule. Kick-off our "Intern & Trainer Development" program - I've been working on putting together a pipeline for passionate members to start to learn the "ins & outs" of working at Max Effort as a class assistant or part-time trainer. I already have 7 people about to start this week and I'm looking forward to watching them grow their passion for helping others! Restratify the Athlete Level charts - There has long been a developmental gap between a Level 2 and Level 3 athlete, which I left there on purpose. I wanted the expanse someone had to cross to get to our "Competition Training" to be something significant. Now, as our members develop, I've noticed a need to bring in another level to motivate people with more even increments of progress! Stay tuned for Levels 1 - 5 by the end of the month! Work to strengthen our company's marketing efforts - I've never been one to really focus on marketing beyond our "word of mouth"/referral efforts, but I feel this is an area we can improve drastically on. Definitely doing more research and looking for ways to leverage our brand in the Las Vegas market more effectively. Sport of CrossFit And just like that...The 2017 CrossFit Open is done and our athletes are moving on to the next stage: Regionals. Congratulations to EVERYONE that participated during our in-house "Intramural Open". In the end, "The Transfoamrollers" are taking home bragging rights with the most participation and points. The coaching staff and ambassadors are already brainstorming for ways to make NEXT year even better! A BIG SHOUT-OUT to our athletes who will be representing us at the South Regionals completion: Nik Hecht (Individual competitor) Max Effort "Avengers" Marcos Rivera Travis Zipper Zach Forrest Lauren Weeks Julia Bell Nikole Shrigley The competition dates are May 19th-21st and it takes place in San Antonio. Most of the coaching staff will be attending the event so stay tuned for details on a reduced class schedule and, also, information on flights/hotels if you would like to be part of the traveling cheer section! Community The WORK program continues to grow and new faces are integrating nicely into our community! I love it when I see new people in the gym smiling and having a conversation with a long-time member - that's what this community is all about: building relationships and supporting each other towards achieving fitness goals! On another note, I seriously dislike social media in most all of it's forms. I've told myself repeatedly that if I wasn't a business owner, I wouldn't ever go on it. However, I can't help but smile when I open up my Facebook app and my feed is filled with "check-ins" at the gym, videos of PRs, or just general status updates about our members' fitness happenings! Keep posting positive stuff and make sure you're connected with all of your friends within the "ME Community" working to make social media a happy place ;-) Programming In the month of April we can look forward to "Max Effort Monday" and "Skills and Drills Wednesday"! I'm sure many of you have already been briefed by the coaches at the beginning of class, but here's a quick breakdown of what we're going for. Max Effort Monday We will find a 1RM on a new lift each week and ALSO a max-rep set of a bodyweight/conditioning equivalent. These are great benchmark numbers to record for future reference to track progress: Back Squat and Wall Ball shots Bench Press and Push-ups Hang Squat Clean and Box-Overs Weighted Pull-up and Kipping Pull-ups Skills and Drills Wednesday These classes will be dedicated to finding specific progression points on certain movements. The goal here is to learn how to organize your body (coordination) and move with INTENT, not INTENSITY. Control, positioning, awareness, and flexibility are key points we will be addressing with the following movements: Rope Climb and Handstand Hold/Press-To Muscle-ups and Pistols Upcoming Events to Know About April 15th - "Girls Gone RXd" (click) For the ladies - teams of three! At Central from 9am-4pm - NO CLASSES Want to volunteer? Sign-up sheet at the Front Desk! April 22-23rd - CrossFit Sport-Specific Application Course (click) Learn how to apply the CrossFit methodology to sport training! Central closed both days - NO CLASSES April 28th - Ranch CrossFit "Friday Night Lights" (click) Fundraiser for the CCSD CrossFit program! Help bring fitness back to the schools' PE curriculum.