There Is Limitless Abundance In The Kingdom Of God Within You - The Master Key To Wisdom | The Master Key To Wisdom
As a man (mind) thinks in his heart ( subconscious mind) so is he. What you believe is what you get, life is an inside job. Use you imagination to design and create your ideal reality right now! Because the future is now and reality is what is happening to you right now. Life is what is happening to you right now. Live your life now., because there Is limitless abundance in the kingdom of God within you Consciously choose and design your destiny or reality right now or the world control system will sell you their own version of a limited life package and they will own you and control you. In the kingdom of God economy within, there is no lack. Always keep this though in mind in God's economy there is no scarcity, poverty or lack. God's life plan is infinite. Generous, abundant and limitless. God within ( Imagination) can reveal to you a money making idea that will bless you and bless others right now. When you find the heaven within you, you will find your destiny. To prosper you