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Neville Goddard You will find tonight's message a very practical one. I don't think it will disturb anyone, but there are adjustments to be made concerning what man believes God to be, and what God really is. We are told in Scripture, in the birth of the twins, which begins the great drama as told in Scripture, "In your limbs..." and I am speaking now, not of anyone, but of you individually: "In your limbs lie nations twain, rival races from their birth; one the mastery will gain, the younger o'er the elder reign." (Genesis 25:23, Moffatt translation) These are in you individually. We are told that the younger, which naturally is the second - the "second man" - is the Lord from Heaven. That's the Second Man; He sleeps in you. You will rouse Him, and He will become the Master. He will reign. At the moment, in the majority of the world, they are totally unaware of it. So, He sleeps, and so He doesn't reign. That one known in Scripture is called Jesus Christ; The Lord Jesus Christ is your