BEHOLD THE DREAMER COMETH - The Master Key To Wisdom | The Master Key To Wisdom
Neville Goddard 09-19-1969 In the 37th chapter of Genesis we read the story of Joseph, a dreamer whose dreams always came true. His father, Israel, loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, and made him a long robe with sleeves. Now I ask you, who is Joseph? He is the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, your true identity. Historical evidence for Jesus, the man, is nonexistent, yet he is the only reality and the true identity of every child born of woman. When you say within yourself, "I am," that is Jesus Christ, he who is dreaming this whole vast world into being. One day you will understand this truth, for: "Real are the dreams of gods And smoothly pass their pleasure In the long, immortal dream." Your thoughts are your dreams, which weave your world into being and sustain it. You and I are inserted into the dream. "`Tis we who, lost in stormy visions fight with phantoms, an unprofitable strife." And we will continue the dream until we awaken to discover that we are the dreamer, who