BEFORE ABRAHAM, WAS I AM - The Master Key To Wisdom | The Master Key To Wisdom
Neville Goddard 10-11-1968 The drama tonight opens to the 8th chapter of the Book of John, where the evangelist writes of the state into which he has entered, saying: "Truly, truly I say to you, before Abraham, was I am." The Bible is a recordation of the eternal spiritual states of the soul which everyone must pass through, beginning with the state of Abraham and culminating in the state called Jesus Christ. It is important, therefore, to distinguish between the man and the state he occupies at the present time. Always remember that the Bible is address to the man of imagination and not to any mortal man. Blake said: “It must be understood that the persons Moses and Abraham are not here meant, but are states signified by those names. The individuals being representatives (or visions) of those states as they were seen by mortal man in a series of divine revelations and recorded in the Bible." I have seen these states in my imagination. At a distance they appeared as one man; however,