AWAKE, O SLEEPER - The Master Key To Wisdom | The Master Key To Wisdom
Neville Goddard 01-08-1968 The Bible is addressed to the Imagination - which is spiritual sensation - and only immediately to the understanding, or reason. In the fifth chapter of the Book of Ephesians we are told to: "Awake O sleeper and rise from the dead." Now, reason could never comprehend these words, but the Bible is calling upon Imagination to awaken, telling Him that he is sleeping, dreaming his world into being. But Imagination, now a rational being, does not know this and therefore cannot believe it. All of the commands of scripture are addressed to and fulfilled by the Lord, who is all Imagination! It is your own wonderful human Imagination who is called upon to "Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Awake!" (Psalms 44) The greatest confession of faith man has ever received through revelation is called the Sh'ma. It is recorded in the 6th chapter of Deuteronomy as: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one." The Lord spoken of here is the Elohim, which is a