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Neville Goddard 12/16/1968 In his poem called "Europe," which is a prophecy about you, William Blake said: "Then Enitharmon woke, nor knew that she had slept, and eighteen hundred years were fled as if they had not been." Told in the form of a story, Blake used the name "Enitharmon" to express any emanating desire or image. Enitharmon is the emanation of Los, who - in the story - had the similitude of the Lord and all imagination. Entering into his image (his Enitharmon), Los dreams it into reality; and when he awoke he knew not that he had slept, yet eighteen hundred years had fled. In my case, 1,959 years had fled as though they had not been. And I had no idea I had entered into an image called Neville and made it real. But I, all imagination, so loved the shadow I had cast, I entered into it and made it alive. To those in immortality I seemed to be as one sleeping on a couch of gold, but to myself I was a wanderer. Although lost in dreary night, I kept the divine vision in time of