Massage Tutorial Video: Side-lying techniques and demonstration | Massage Sloth
Today's massage tutorial video is on side-lying massage. While it's not a comprehensive course, it should be a good refresher for those of you who haven't given one in a while, and it should have some useful tips for the long-time therapists in the crowd. If you haven't given a massage like this is a while, the general set-up and communication can be a little daunting. What pillows go where? How do I make this a deep massage without shoving them off the table? While I try to give a good overview of the answers in the video, you'll definitely find it helpful to start with a friend. Find one who's comfortable speaking their mind, and who'll tell you when something doesn't feel quite right. While it can be tempting to only do light-pressure Swedish on side-lying clients, this is a great opportunity to offer deep massage that just isn't possible with a prone or supine client. When applying pressure to the low back, you get a rotational