Oops It Happened Again! May Games with Gold Title Leaked | Marooners' Rock
When it happens once, it can be called a mistake. When it happens twice, we can chalk it up to bad luck. When it becomes just about every month… well, people start to wonder. It seems Microsoft has done it again, and leaked the next Games With Gold title. A screenshot leaked onto the internet has revealed that the next free title from Microsoft will be Defense Grid 2, a pretty cool tower defense game for Xbox One. Now I know what your thinking, this could be an elaborate hoax. The photo could be doctored by some kid in their parents basement just trying to get a rise out of gamers. The problem with that is this isn’t a new thing. We would be skeptical too if it wasn’t for the fact that this is becoming a monthly trend. It just makes me wonder how Microsoft keeps letting things like this happen. Look, I’m all for a good leak every now and again but this is getting out of hand. Enough about the leak for today lets focus on the game itself. If I’m not mistaken Defense Grid the Awakening was a previous free title offered up by Microsoft for the 360. I’m not complaining because free is free and I like a good tower defense game when they come my way, but others may not see it this way. Tower defense games are not for everyone and a lot of times do not have a lot to offer in the form of new features. If this happens to be the next Games With Gold title will you be downloading it? Are you excited for this title or is it just another game that you’ll download because its free and will probably never play? Lets us know your feelings about the leak, or the game itself. Update: We just got in this screenshot from one of our viewers that may just be the full list of games. What do you think? Comment below!