Works in Progress | Marc Nobbs
Five days, Five Blog posts. Not a bad re-start to my blogging if I do say so myself. Actually, it's surprising quite how easily the words began to flow again once I opened up the taps and actually sat down to write. Okay, so I haven't added anything to the word count of my three works-in-progress, but that's because I've been reading through one of them to bring myself back up to speed with it. Adding words isn't far off. I might even do it after I've posted this. In the past week, I've posted articles about being politically homeless, the Gillette ad everyone got upset about, my job and how it makes me blasé about money and how my son is still playing football three years after I last posted about him playing football. I've also added an excerpt from The Lies We Lead to the website after realising there wasn't already one there. I've tried to revive the Facebook page too by scheduling posts, but the reach remains underwhelming to put it mildly. Facebook pages seem like such a