Why "The Lies We Lead" Isn't Everywhere Yet | Marc Nobbs
The Lies We Lead is currently only available on Amazon, but isn't available on Kindle Unlimited, which some people have told me they think it a bit odd—why give Amazon exclusivity without reaping the 'benefits' of the KDP Select programme? The simple answer to this is that I haven't awarded Amazon exclusive rights to the book—I just haven't yet been able to find the time to reformat it for distribution via Smashwords. In the past, I've always formatted books for Smashwords first and then reformatted for Google Play and Amazon later. That was because Smashwords offered "pre-orders" and Amazon didn't. That has changed though and Amazon now offers pre-orders and since Amazon is the largest marketplace, like it or not, it makes 'commercial' sense to get the book on that site as early as possible. The simple and harsh facts are that I sell more books and generate higher royalties from Amazon in one month than I do from all the channels that Smashwords offers, including Barnes & Noble