Weekly Update – 13/02/19 | Marc Nobbs
It's Wednesday, and the weekly update I've committed to is supposed to go up on a Monday. But I've been feeling under the weather this week, so that's my excuse. Seriously, there's been a very nasty cold virus doing the rounds at the office—it wiped out one of my team for the best part of three weeks—and while I seem to have fought off the worst of it in just a few days (I started feeling bad on Friday last week) it's still leaving me drained, limp and bit lifeless. Of course, that means I haven't written a thing since the middle of last week, which isn't great. I have, however, been running through how I see the end of The Truths We Live panning out, which is a good thing to put it mildly. At least, it is a good thing if and only if it feels like a satisfying ending after I've written it. Guess I better get on and write it and find out then, hadn't I? I've also finished re-watching the first season of "Game of Thrones" so I intend to start writing a retrospective review