Phaze Books Closes | Marc Nobbs
It's the third week in May, and my last "weekly update" was fourteen weeks ago. I did say my renewed commitment to a blog post at least every week wouldn't last, didn't I? You should know better than to trust me on these matters by now. What's my excuse – oh, you know, the usual. Work, blah, family, blah, etc, etc. So what's happened in the three and a half months since I last sat down to write something? Well, in terms on Marc Nobbs getting on and finishing a bloody novel (or even a short story), absolutely sod all. But on the family side of things, we've had a puppy. She's s a little chihuahua (why couldn't we by a Labrador – or some other breed that's easy to spell), she's mostly black with a big white patch around her neck and she's adorable. And she has really sharp little baby needle teeth that don't half hurt. She eats like something ten times her size too. The other major thing that's happened is that I found out the publisher of three of my titles—Kissed by a