New WIP – Quick Extract | Marc Nobbs
So, I mentioned on Facebook earlier today that my WIP is currently at 12000 words and I asked if anyone wanted to read a "raw" and "unedited" sample. And, perhaps not surprisingly, the consensus was... "Hell Yeah!" So here it is. This comes with a couple of warnings. 1) Adults only, obviously. 2)It's unedited - that means there may well be typos or non-perfect grammar and might well change a lot before it is finally published. But still, here it is. By the time I got back to my armchair, the menu showing the contents of the stick was on the screen. I'd seen most of the movies on there already (some with Grace and some without), so I used the remote to order the files by date, with the most recent at the top. The file was called "DDV-Hornylildevil". I hit "PLAY". The screen went black then faded up on a very, very beautiful young woman. She was sitting on the edge of a bed wearing lacy black underwear that contrasted with her china-doll pale skin. I believe the style of bra she wore is