Is there such a thing as too much sex? | Marc Nobbs
I'm not talking about real live, obviously. In the real world, I think everyone agrees that you can't ever get enough of a good thing (and sex is certainly a good thing – if you're doing it right). No, I'm talking about sex in fiction. Is it possible to have too much sex in a novel. The reason I'm thinking about this is that recently, in a few things I've read, I've found myself scanning over, or even skipping, the sex scenes in order to get back to the story. Let me try and explain. At the start of this year I made a conscious decision to add to my reading list some of the much loved 'epic' stories that are about in the 'free' erotica community. I mentioned this earlier this year on this blog. I'm talking about the likes of BlueDragon's Ordinary Sex Life series and his John Billionaire series. Wizard's Trailer Park series is another. And, of course, any exploration of 'epic' stories on SOL wouldn't be complete without Frank Downey's Dance of a Lifetime, which is excellent, by the way