A Fresh Start | Marc Nobbs
I suppose that I should look on the bright side. Losing my 'old' website in the manner I did has given me an oppurtunity to freshen it up and to organise things. The previous site was missing some things and it had, frankly, become a bit of a pain to manage. The Lies We Lead wasn't listed on the site. A Tortured Soul had nothing more than a holding page. And a lot of books had "old" covers. So I should really grab hold of this and use the experience of the last site to organise things better on this one. Here's my current thinking. Make better use of 'categories' - I need to make sure every post has at least one category. I've already created categories for 'blog' and also 'excerpts', each of the novels (or series), 'Westmouthshire' and 'short stories' - that way, if anyone visiting wants to know more about any book or my thoughts on them, or if they want to find excerpts, it should be easy. Organize the book pages better - it was a bit hit and miss previously. Do more posts -