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The Truths We Live - a Work in Progress I mentioned in my last blog post that I'd reached a stage in The Truths We Live that was causing my some bother. I needed to write a blog post in the style of a millennial lifestyle blogger, and not having read many millrnnial lifestyle bloggers that was causing me an issue. Well, I'm please to say that I've written said blog post and got past the roadblock. I've also, in the process, created a new character, who could prove interesting and who Bobby will end up meeting in the next chapter. Actually, he may even end up 'meeting' her - if you take my meaning. Bobby has met a lot of new women in this book. A couple of them he hasn't even fucked. Yet. Anyway, I present below the blog post by Julesella, a millennial lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. Let me know if it really does sound like a millennial or if I'm way, way off. Dearest readers, Yes, I know, that's a corny way to start an article and not what I normally do, but what I'm