The Nanny (2017) – Review | Mana Pop
In horror films, if you hire a babysitter or nanny, there is a good chance they will turn out to be evil – whether they be a woman seeking revenge, as in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, or something more supernatural, like William Friedkin's The Guardian – but regardless of the nature of the film's childcare services, we know things will most likely not go well for the family. Today, we will look at Joel Novoa's 2017 horror film The Nanny - which has a little bit of the revenge plot as well as supernatural elements to it – and we will see how effective one can be on a low budget. The film's protagonist is a young girl named Noa (Jadin Harris), who is quite protective of her little brother Michael (Christian Ganiere). When Noa and Michael's overworked mother, Anna (Schuyler Fisk) hires a nanny to take care of them, it is up to Noa to prove that Leonor (Jaime Murray) – the seemingly ideal nanny – is not who, or even what, she seems to be. A dark Mary Poppins? With a brief running time of