Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018) – Review | Mana Pop
With the popularity of the zombie genre still chugging along - with numerous zombie movies and television shows popping up at an alarming rate - it is sad to report that the percentage of good zombie content versus bad zombie content weighs heavily on the side of "Oh my god this sucks." Director Hernández Vicens' Day of the Dead: Bloodline is clearly no exception. When one thinks of zombies, the creations of George Romero (considered by most to be the father of the genre) will always be in the forefront of such discussions, so it's a bit depressing to see a remake of one of his films being as uninteresting and lame as the one we are discussing here today. Back in 1990, Tom Savini remade Romero's seminal classic Night of the Living Dead - which was surprisingly good - then in 2004 ,Zack Snyder made arguably his best film with his remake of Romero's sequel Dawn of the Dead, and so the possibility of a remake of Romero's 1985 Day of the Dead being decent was not beyond the pale. Well it