Hamsa A Fine Dining Indian Restaurant Review
Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, from the outside, Hamsa looks nondescript and can be easily mistaken for a modern house but once you enter the premises will you know the difference. The lobby has beautiful floral decorations in cages that exhibits the destruction of mother nature because of global warming. But it is the first floor that left me awestruck. As soon I walked through the door, it was like I’ve been teleported from Adyar (ie) Chennai to an exquisite palace in a far away land. The dining decor was absolutely stunning and screamed every bit of royalty. Each piece of cutlery wasn’t just plain silver but with intricate designs that was mesmerizing. As we all sat down for lunch, we felt like a guest in a palace and the same way we were treated by the staffs. I’ve gone to many restaurants from stand-alone to ones in 5 star hotels but never have the staffs been this courteous and attentive.