Aurum Happiness Towers by Pacifica
So my friend was going apartment hunting and as a good friend as I am, I tagged along just to see the location and facilities. When I think of buying an apartment, I have a kind of checklist in mind of how it should be. I want to be in an apartment that has a good design and layout. From my apartment terrace or my balcony, I want to sit down with my evening tea and feel a nice breeze without the sound of traffic. I want to travel to and fro work easily and want peace, quiet, a nice sunset, a little bit of greenery at the end of the day. Most of all I want to be in an apartment that has a sense of community. I want to a garden or play area right next to the building so I can go for walks, watch the kids play basketball and not have to worry about sending them to another place just so they can have fun with their friends.